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Cyanotypes, Lumen Prints, Tutorials and History

One of the best parts of events is being able to chat with people about what I do, in fact it might even be my favourite part. Some people are interested in an overview but others want to learn more in-depth. So I have collected together some information in these articles and essays here for anyone curious.

Mara Louvain of Alchemi Art
Learn about Cyanotypes

Learn about Cyanotypes

The cyanotype process is one of the earliest in photography being developed in 1842 by Sir John Herschal. After falling from favour it has seen a resurgence in popularity, but with artists instead of photographers.

Learn about Lumen Prints

There is something beautiful, delicate, even ethereal about botanical lumen prints that you simply don’t get with any other process. The process can trace it’s ancestry back to 1839 and the birth of photography and when combined with botanical subjects can create something really special.

Learn about Lumen Prints
cyanotype tutorial - learn how to make cyanotypes

How to make a Cyanotype Tutorial

You’ve seen these beautiful blue and white cyanotypes and you’d like to have a go. That’s great! Read this easy to follow tutorial to find out what to do and how to get started.

What is Alternative Photography?

You will find the term alternative photography used all over the place but do you actually know what it means? There are books on the subject and even courses advertised offering to teach you all about it. It’s a question often asked but it’s not easy to get a straight answer, let’s take a look into some photographic history and start untangling it all.

Vintage Camera which would now be used for alternative photography
Cyanotype by Anna Atkins

Inspired by Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins, the inspirational woman with a claim to being the first ever female photographer. She also published the first book to be illustrated by photographs, her own, in 1843.

Once written out of history for being female, modern days artists and photographers and restoring her legacy.