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Alchemi Art - Beautifully Different Art and Stationery

Photographic Art by Mara Louvain Robinson

Beautifully Different Images for Wonder and Joy

Leaping Hare Greeting Card by Alchemi Art
Inspired By History

It's More Than Art and Photography

It's a sense of Wonder

Take a splash of chemistry, add a pinch of alchemy and what do you get?  Art made with light sensitive chemistry from the 19th century with a 21st century twist.  Take a camera but look at the world differently to create something from a different perspective.  I’m Mara Louvain Robinson, a professional artist and photographer (also known as a photographic artist) inspired by nature and the landmarks of Northern England.  I have a fascination for light sensitive chemistry such as the cyanotype process and using cameras to look at the world differently.  Throughout my work I’m always looking to create beautifully different images that inspire wonder and give joy.


Seven Sisters Cyanotype Art Print by Alchemi Art

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Mara Louvain of Alchemi Art

My Story

More about me. What makes me tick and why I do what I do...

Durham Cathedral Art Print by Alchemi Art Framed on wall

Starting Collecting Art

Collecting art for your home can be inspiring and a wonderful way to personalise the space you live in. Sure it can feel scary at first, but honestly, it can be a lot of fun. I hear people say things like, ‘I don’t know anything about art’ and they are put off. In my opinion, everyone knows about art, at least the only art that matters which is what speaks to them. One of my aims as an artist with Alchemi Art is to create beautiful magical art with prices to suit all pockets. You can start your collection in person at events or here on my website via my online shop.

Upcoming Events

I love getting out and about with my art and meeting people. This happens most often with events such as Art Fairs and Markets, although I exhibit in galleries as well.

24th February ’24 – Durham Market, Durham Marketplace DH1 3NJ

2nd March ’24 – Durham Market, Durham Marketplace DH1 3NJ

If you see something in our Online Shop you can buy it online and collect at an event.

Angel of the North Aerial Panoramic Photograph by Alchemi Art
It was the perfect gift at the perfect moment! I love this art and the history behind the processes.
from Durham

It’s not a Blog – It’s where I share the Journey…

Calling it a blog seems to be a disservice in some way.  I think of it more like my online diary or journal where I share my journey as a photographic artist and thoughts on all that entails.

If you’re curious about life as an artist then let’s travel together for a while…

Learn about Photographic Art.

for the curious...

I am fascinated with light sensitive chemistry and all forms of photography.  Over time this developed into a curiosity about art as well.  If you’ve a curious nature as well then here are some articles I think you’ll love, from what is Alternative Photography through to advice on starting you very own photographic art collection.

Cyanotype of an Allium Flower by Alchemi Art
Lumen Print of a Fern by Alchemi Art
Old Vintage Wooden Camera ready to take a photograph outside
Historical Cyanotype by Anna Atkins from the first photography book
Collection of Cyanotype artworks by Alchemi Art frames on a wall
Equipment in a photographic darkroom for making cyanotypes
What is a Cyanotype?
Learn About
The Cyanotype Process
What is a Cyanotype?
Learn About
What is a Lumen Print?
Alternative Photography
What is Alternative Photography?
Alternative Photography
Anna Atkins
Photographic History
Inspired by Anna Atkins – Cyanotypes, Photography and a Female Trail Blazer
Anna Atkins
Collecting Art
Advice to Start Collecting Art
Collecting Art
Cyanotype Tutorial
How to Create a Cyanotype Tutorial
Cyanotype Tutorial
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