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Landmark Cyanotype Prints of Northern England

Who doesn’t love an art print inspired by an amazing landmark?  I know I do.  It could be an inspiring local landscape, an ancient building or something more humble but a place that makes you smile.  (I’m thinking about beach huts for that last one.). Here you will find beautiful Landmark Prints.

I love having things around me to remind me of my favourite places and that is why I started creating the ‘Landmark’ series and collection.  Each takes an original cyanotype print as its starting point,  This is then modified and masked to create the artwork.  It’s a fun process and if I’m honest a little addictive and I love the resultant artworks.

All of these art prints, gifts and greeting cards based on the ‘Landmarks’ series have been created by me.  They are exclusive to Alchemi Art and our lovely stockists around the country.