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Learn about Photographic Art

Mara Louvain of Alchemi Art
for the curious...

One of the best parts of attending events for me is being able to talk about art photography and photographic art all day to wonderfully curious people.  Some are interested in an overview but other want to learn a little more in-depth about the processes and their history.

If you are one of these curious souls then this is the place for you to find out more, such as what is a cyanotype, who was Anna Atkins and why was so so extraordinary all the way through to advice on starting your own collection.

What is a Photographic Artist?

So just what is a Photographic Artist?  Lets find out…

Botanical Cyanotype Print being placed in a mount ready for framing
Alchemi Art Artwork on Wall
Starting your own Photographic Art Collection

So you love having photographic art around you but all this collecting stuff sounds scary.  Don’t worry, it’s much more fun and a lot easier than you think.  Check out my advice to get you started…

What is a Cyanotype

Just what is a Cyanotype?  Is it really photography? (spoiler – yes it is)  How are they made? Who invented it and why have I never heard of them before?

Fern Botanical Cyanotype Greet Card by Alchemy Art
Botanical Lumen Print of flowers by Alchemi Art
What is a Lumen Print

There is something beautiful, delicate, and even ethereal about botanical lumen prints that you simply don’t get with any other process. Learn more about this stunning form of photographic art.  They really are something special.

What is Alternative Photography

You will find the term alternative photography used all over the place but do you actually know what it means? There are books on the subject and even courses advertised offering to teach you all about it. It’s a question often asked but it’s not easy to get a straight answer, let’s take a look into some photographic history and start untangling it all.

Vintage Camera which would now be used for alternative photography
Early Cyanotype by Anna Atkins
Inspired by Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins, the inspirational woman with a claim to being the first-ever female photographer. She also published the first book to be illustrated by photographs, her own, in 1843.

She was once written out of history for being a female, however, modern-day photographic artists are restoring her legacy.