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Why use a Photographic Darkroom?

Stepping back from the virtual and reconnecting with the physical world is good for my soul

Mara Louvain

Finding peace in a photographic darkroom

Our modern world can be overwhelming, especially in recent times. So much of our world has gone online. While I love aspects of the virtual world such as keeping in touch with loved ones far away, I crave connection with the physical world. Stepping back from things and taking pleasure in doing something that is slow paced by it’s nature. When I feel that disconnect one of my favourite remedies is to spend time in my photographic darkroom. Usually that involves making some art, but if I’m honest it can also involve cleaning and rearranging things. I’ve even been known to simply hide in there, just don’t tell anyone else I do that. Would you like to see what it’s like in there?

Lights on inside my photographic darkroom

Working in a photographic darkroom is surprisingly meditative. In there I start to relax and slow down. I find it comforting an familiar in a leave your worries at the door kind of way. The red lights can be offputting for some but I love them. So much so in fact that I often turn them on even whenn I don’t need to.

If you’re curious what it’s like in there then here’s a glimpse in a video I made called ‘Finding Peace in Photography’.

Finding peace in a photographic darkroom

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