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Is That Really Photography?


The Podcast

The Is This Really Photography? Podcast shines a light on the lesser-known forms of photography and photographic art.  Places many people don’t know about and may not even think of photography. 

Join me, for interviews and musings, exploration and anecdotes as we investigate the fascinating worlds within the world of photography. All on the Is That Really Photography? podcast. 

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Is That Really Photography Podcast with Mara Louvain Robinson

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Mara Louvain of Alchemi Art

Hosted by Mara Louvain Robinson

Why on earth am I hosting a podcast? Good question and the answer isn’t a short one – although I’ll try and be brief.  My whole life I’ve been obsessed with photography in all its wonderful forms.  I’ve scoured junk shops for old photographic equipment to ‘rescue’, almost knocked myself out investigating old jars of light-sensitive chemicals from the 1940s and met some of the most wonderful and fascinating people.  This is all far too much fun to keep it to myself.  So I want to share it all with you.  There’s always something new to learn about and new friends to be made.